Comparing tax in different countries []

Soon I will be graduating from my masters in AI. However since I was planning to go abroad I wanted to see how much worse or better taxation laws are compared to my own country (The Netherlands).

For starters we will compare with the eastern neighbours (Germany). Scale 3 has been removed because its not relevant for me:

1€ 0€ 19‘98236,55%
2€ 19‘982€ 67‘07240,80%
4€ 67‘072€ ∞52,00%


1€ 0€ 7‘6640%
2€ 7‘665€ 52‘15315%
3€ 52‘154€ 250‘00042%
4€ 250‘001€ ∞45%

source. Just glancing at it and you see a rather big difference. However its even worse with Australia:

1€ 0€ 13‘2500%
2€ 13‘250€ 26‘9349.7%
3€ 26‘934€ 63‘34722.8%
3€ 63‘347€ 130‘99530.1%
4€ 130‘995€ ∞45%

source (Converted to euros)

So ok, say I earn 3500 euro’s per month, which is an entirely reasonable assumption since I saw multiple government vaccancies with my skill set (or lower) for around that price and I asked a recruiter too who said around that (actually he low-balled me with 3‘000-3‘500, but I guess that’s his job).

So the amount per year is: \[3500 \times 12=42‘000\],

The tax I would pay in the Netherlands then would be: \[19‘982\times0.3655+(42‘000-19‘982)\times0.408=16‘286\] or \[16‘286/42‘000= 39\% \] goes to taxes from my total income.

For Germany however \[(42‘000-7‘664)\times0.15=5‘150\] or \[5‘150/42‘000=12\%\]. That’s quite a dramatic difference. On top of that the VAT is 2% lower in Germany so you’ll have 2% more purchasing power.

So now to calculate for Australia.

\[(26‘934-13‘250)\times0.097+(42‘000-26‘934)\times0.228=4‘762\] or \[4‘762/42‘000=11\% \] in taxes, Australia also has a lower VAT (just 10%). And the amount of money going to ‘pensions’ is a lot lower in Australia, rather than 25% (hard to find a right source on this) of the Netherlands only 9% goes to it, which is by the way redeemable as soon as you leave (source). Which is perfect, I just go visit family for a week and get a fat paycheck, because I didn’t want to do pensions anyway in my twenties, I have other costs to worry about.

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