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A post I’ll periodicly update (no promises) of links I’ve found that are interesting, funny whatever. I guess its a hall wall of fame of sorts except it has zero prestige. (well maybe some day it will). It also serves as a kindoff reminder of stuff I used to like.

1 Beauty

1.1 Wallpapers

http://www.erikjohanssonphoto.com/ I used several images as wallpapers from this guy, at the time I couldn’t pay him so I guess I repay him by giving him some realestate on my website.

2 Funny

2.1 Suicide linux

I remember a script that would execute rm -rf / if you’d type a command incorrectly, just to teach you to be precise. It was sucide linux.

I’m not running that.

3 Interesting

3.1 CGPGrey

A youtuber, although I’m linking to his website. He has some interesting videos (of which I know him), but his podcasts are quite good too.

3.2 Brady haron

Also a youtber, his website. His numberphile channel is fun.

3.3 How computers learn

A back to basics overview of machine learning: https://youtu.be/T1O3ikmTEdA?t=644

Even though I knew most stuff he talked about in the beginning, the talk later becomes more interesting since I didn’t follow machine learning that much.

3.4 Techstratery

This guy is some kindoff analist I encountered on reddit (probably the /r/investing sub). He has some really interesting takes on tech companies and I learned a lot about buisness in general from just reading his blog. I especially liked his aggregration theory, makes me wonder if I could make one of those.. (probably not). https://stratechery.com/

3.5 danluu

I found one of his articles on reddit, and he has an interesting perspective (as moslty a hardware person). I was reading the article normalization of defiance which talks about how strange, shady or broken practices are born, and what one could do about them. Then I went to the index and it turns out there is a huge treasure trove of interesting articles on that blog.


3.6 xoreaxeaxeax

Everything in this github profile page is insane beautifull. This youtube explains the sandsifter thing in quite detail.

4 Tools

4.1 Vps comparison sites

For if you just need a cheap computing device somewhere on the internet. I wanted one that had high CPU but didn’t care about the rest, this one found it: http://vps-list.cryto.net/index.php?action=list

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